"The E.S.P. Spy" is the eighteenth episode of season two of the sci-fi/action television series The Six Million Dollar Man and the thirty-first episode of the series overall (if one includes the three original television movies). It was directed by Jerry London with a script written by Lionel E. Siegel. It first aired on ABC on March 2nd, 1975.

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  • This is the first appearance of actress Robbie Lee in the role of Audrey Moss. She appears next in "Hocus-Pocus".

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  • Oscar Goldman: I don't believe in mind reading; I never have.
  • Steve Austin: Oscar, E.S.P. is not mind reading.
  • Oscar Goldman: What is it, then?
  • Steve Austin: Well, mind reading is something a greasy haired guy with a worn out tuxedo does at the county fair. E.S.P. is different.
  • Oscar Goldman: It isn't to me.
  • Steve Austin: I don't understand you, Oscar -- you're in charge of some of the most far out scientific projects this country's got going, but when it comes to E.S.P., your head's back in the Dark Ages!


  • Steve Austin: This is gonna foul up your civil service retirement pension, isn't it, George?


  • Oscar Goldman: Well, I wish that our E.S.P. spy had a beard, was fifty years old and smoked a pipe.

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