"The Secret of Bigfoot" is the seventeenth episode of season three of the sci-fi/action television series The Six Million Dollar Man and the fifty-second episode of the series overall (if one includes the three original television movies). It was directed by Alan Crosland with a script written by Kenneth Johnson. It first aired on ABC on February 1st, 1976.

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  • The actual title of this episode is just, "The Secret of Bigfoot".
  • This episode is production code number: 43027.
  • Actress Lindsay Wagner makes a special guest appearance in this episode as Jaime Sommers. She is uncredited for her participation in this episode.
  • First appearance of Bigfoot, who has also come to be known as Bionic Bigfoot.

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  • During the initial fight sequence between Steve Austin and Bigfoot, Lee Majors' shirt becomes un-tucked. However, in the following scene, as the fight continues, his shirt is tucked back in. One would think that Colonel Austin places defeating the enemy above as a higher priority over that of personal grooming.

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  • Ivan Bekey: Say lady, how would you like to spend a second honeymoon? Right here. There's nobody around for forty miles.
  • Marlene Bekey: Discipline, Doctor Bekey. You're here as a geologist, not a husband.
  • Ivan Bekey: And you, Doctor Bekey, are a slave-driver.

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  1. Kenneth Johnson; Six Million Dollar Man: Season 3 DVD; "The Secret of Bigfoot", audio commentary.

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