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Skydiving is an extreme sport which involves jumping out of an airplane, hopefully with a parachute, free-falling a great distance, and then opening the chute and hoping to God you don't land in a volcano or something. Pro tennis player Jaime Sommers went on an ill-fated skydiving trip once, but when her parachute malfunctioned, she fell through a grove of trees that nearly cost her her life. Fortunately, her boyfriend Steve Austin was present, and Steve knew some people who knew some people. Courtesy of the scientific wizardry of the Office of Scientific Intelligence, they were able to save Jaime's life and outfit her with some bad-ass cybernetic prosthetics, which enabled her to run fast, chuck boulders as if they were Frisbees and hear two kids fornicating in a parked car from two miles away. She hence became known as the Bionic Woman. [1][2]

On the 1981 TV series The Fall Guy, stunt man Col Seavers routinely jumped out of airplanes as part of his job responsibilities. In one instance, he was testing out a new stunt doubling for Robert Wagner's character from Hart to Hart, which required him to jump out of an airplane with no parachute. During the jump, Colt accidentally hit the side of the plane, which injured him. He faked being knocked unconscious as Jody Banks jumped out to retrieve him. Jody was not amused. [3]

On iZombie, an adventurous thrill-seeker named Holly White lost her life when she was skydiving with a troupe of friends and impaled herself on a tree branch. Her old college buddy, Liv Moore, now a zombie, had to eat Holly's brain to gain insight as to whether there was any malicious intent leading to her death. [4]

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