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The Smallville Savings & Loan is a fictional business featured in the superhero teen drama series Smallville. It appeared in the fourth episode of season one, "X-Ray". The Smallville Savings & Loan was located in the town of Smallville, Kansas.

High school student Tina Greer, who had the kryptonite-spawned ability to alter her shape, masqueraded as Lex Luthor and entered the Smallville S&L in an effort to empty out all of Luthor's bank accounts. The bank manager was quite shocked by all of this, but attempted to comply. When he noticed that Lex's handwriting did not match the one they had on file, he asked to see Luthor's identification. Tina produced a gun and forced him to empty as much money as he could into a backpack. Afterward, she took off running down the street.

Lex Luthor had an iron clad alibi as to his whereabouts and was exonerated soon after.

Appearances Edit

  1. Smallville: X-Ray

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