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This page contains a list of people, places and things featured in the Sons of Anarchy television series. Character names are categorized by first name, last name.


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SAMCRO is an acronym which stands for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original. The acronym is also sometimes spelled and/or referred to by the proper name Sam Crow. It was founded by John Teller who served as its first President. The modern era iteration of SAMCRO consisted of Clay Morrow as President, Jax Teller as Vice President, Alex "Tig" Trager as Sergeant-at-Arms, as well as Bobby Munson, Chibs Telford, Kip Epps and Piney Winston.

San Joaquin County Edit

San Joaquin County is a county in the U.S. state of California. It is located in the Central Valley region of the state and was incorporated on February 18th, 1850. Its county seat is the city of Stockton. A notable city in San Joaquin County is Lodi. The town of Charming is located in San Joaquin County.

Simon Edit

St. Thomas Hospital Edit

This is the central hospital of Charming. Tara Knowles, an associate of SAMCRO, worked here as a doctor. This was where Wendy Teller was taken after overdosing on drugs. An emergency C-section was performed, and the hospital staff were able to save her child, Abel.

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