Sookie's date could refer to any number of individuals who have either appeared in, or been referencd in the HBO supernatural drama series True Blood. They relate to the character Sookie Stackhouse, who is a Fairy halfling, gifted with the power of telepathy. For many years, Sookie was unaware of where this power came from, and she often had difficulty screening out individual people's thoughts. As such, the concept of dating was practically torture for her, as she could always perceive the thoughts and intentions of whomever she was with.

1 Edit

True Blood 1x02 028

Actor Russ Hunt played the role of Sookie's date #1 in a flashback scene in the season one episode, "The First Taste". On one of Sookie's many failed dates, she and this young man went to diner for dinner, possibly even Merlotte's Bar and Grill. During the meal, Sookie picked up on the man thinking extremely vulgar thoughts about her sexually. As a result, Sookie put an end to the date by squirting a mustard bottle into his face.

2 Edit

True Blood 1x02 029

Actor Robert Parks-Valletta played the role of Sookie's date #2 in a flashback scene in the season one episode, "The First Taste". Although this date was not nearly as offensive as the previous one, it still resulted in extreme disappointment. The man was driving Sookie along on their date when she heard him thinking about how this is the type of girl he could see himself marrying someday. Initially, this pleased Sookie until she heard the remainder of his thoughts, which included his belief that if he married someone like Sookie it would get him to stop thinking sexually about famous male actors like Matt Damon or Jake Gyllenhaal. Sookie abruptly exited the vehicle, thus ending their date.

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