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Spider-Man (1967)
Title: Spider-Man
Format: Animated
Genres: Superhero
Running time: 30 min.
country: USA/Canada
Network: ABC (S1-2)
Syndication (S3)
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 27
Production company: Famous Studios; Krantz Films; Marvel Enterprises
Executive producers: Ralph Bakshi; Robert L. Lawrence
Producers: Steve Krantz; Ray Patterson
Principal cast: Paul Soles; Peg Dixon; Paul Kligman
Air dates
First aired: September 23rd, 1967
Last aired: June 14th, 1970

Spider-Man is a joint Canadian/US animated television program of the superhero fantasy subgenre. It was produced by Marvel Enterprises and Krantz Films and ran from September 23rd, 1967 to June 14th, 1970 on ABC. It first aired on ABC in the United States, but went into syndication at the start of the third season. Grantray-Lawrence Animation produced the first season of the show while Seasons two and three were crafted by producer Ralph Bakshi in New York City. Spider-Man is the first animated adaptation of the Spider-Man comic book series, created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko and has spawned numerous animated as well as live-action revival projects as well as several successfull feature film adaptations.

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There were three main voice actors on the series who portrayed the primary characters, Paul Soles, Peg Dixon and Paul Kligman. Soles and Dixon were featured in all 52 episodes of the show while, Kligman was featured in 51 episodes. Other recurring characters included antagonists culled from Spider-Man's regular stable of villains from the Marvel Comics publication as well as random minor villains. Recurring cast members in the series provided the voice for minor characters such as police officers.

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  • The show is also known as The Amazing Spider-Man as well as the nickname The '60s Spider-Man.
  • Animated production for the series was done in the United States, while the voiceover talent was provided by a Canadian agency.
  • There were 27 broadcast episodes of the series.
  • Season two of Spider-Man was entirely single-story episodes.
  • Bernard Cowan was the dialogue coach for the series, as well as the voice talent behind several minor characters.

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