Season One
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
SMAHAF 1x01 001
Season Premiere September 12th, 1981
Season Finale December 5th, 1981
Episode Count 13
Cast Dan Gilvezan; Kathy Garver; Frank Welker



Season 2

Season One of the animated superhero fantasy series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends aired on NBC from September 12th, 1981 to December 5th, 1981, spanning a total of thirteen episodes. Featured voice talents in this series include Dan Gilvezan as Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, Kathy Garver as newcomer Angelica Jones, aka Firestar and the man who has voiced every character in all of creation, Frank Welker giving us his chilly rendition of Iceman, whose real name is Bobby Drake. Veteran voice actress June Foray also makes up part of the season one cast as the ever-bothersome Aunt May.

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