Season Two
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
SMAHAF 2x03 001
Season Premiere September 18th, 1982
Season Finale October 2nd, 1982
Episode Count 3
Cast Dan Gilvezan; Kathy Garver; Frank Welker

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Season Two of the superhero fantasy animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends aired on NBC from September 18th to October 2nd, 1982. Spanning a total of only three episodes, it is the shortest season of the series, and probably the shortest season of any regular television program that was not cut short by cancellation. Voice actors Dan Gilvezan, Kathy Garver and Frank Welker all returned to the show reprising their respective roles as the Spider-Friends: Spider-Man, Firestar and Iceman (as well as other voices).

This season focused primarily on the origin stories of the three primary characters. The first episode of the season, appropriately titled, "The Origin of Iceman", delved into the history of everyone's favorite frosty snow cone, Bobby Drake. The second episode of the season of course spotlighted the main hero of the show, Spider-Man, extrapolating elements from the character's comic book past including the murder of his beloved Uncle Ben and the burden of knowing that with great power must also come great responsibility. The third and final episode, "A Firestar Is Born", gave viewers the first glimpse into the past of Angelica Jones.

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