Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Stanley.

American Horror Story Edit

American Horror Story 4x05 004

Stanley was a grifter con-artist, always looking for the next quick buck. He aligned himself with Maggie Esmerelda as his associate and brokered a deal with the American Morbidity Museum to provide them with genuine human oddities to help boost their sales. This brought him into contact with Elsa Mars, who was the owner of Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities - a sideshow carnival operating out of Jupiter, Florida. Stanley introduced Maggie as a medium to help get her foot into the proverbial door, and he smoothed over Elsa's rough edges with promises of helping her to jumps-star a career in Hollywood.

Stanley blackmailed Dell Toledo into providing him with a freak to take back to the museum. Dell murdered the tiny Ma Petite and Stanley sold her corpse to the museum where it was kept in a glass container filled with preserving fluid. He was also responsible for mutilating Jimmy Darling, cutting off his "lobster hands" and selling them to the museum as well. Through the course of events, Maggie began to develop a conscience, and distanced herself from Stanley and his actions.

Desiree Dupree, the three-breasted woman, learned the truth about Stanley and exposed him to the other members of the carnival. The freaks avenged themselves upon him by cutting off his arms, legs and tongue and imprisoning him inside of a chicken coop as the carnival's newest geek (replacing their previous Geek, Meep, who had died). What became of Stanley following these events is unknown, but in all likelihood, he died soon after.


Isis Edit

Isis 2x03 001

Stanley is a fictional student featured in the 1970s Saturday morning superhero-adventure series The Secrets of Isis. Played by actor David Cole, he appeared in the third episode from season two titled, "The Class Clown". Stanley was a teenage student from Larkspur High School and was one of Andrea Thomas' students. While class was in session, a prankster named Rudy stuck bubble gum on the bottom of Stanley's shoe, then rolled paper across the floor. When Andrea asked Stanley to come to the front of the class as part of an assignment, the gum stuck to the paper, which he then dragged across the room, making him look foolish.

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