Star City Comptroller
Star City Comptroller
Continuity: Arrow
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Location: Star City
Status: Deceased
Died: 2015
First: "Green Arrow"
Actor: Michael Patric

The Star City Comptroller is a fictional politician and a minor character featured in the CW Network television series Arrow. Played by actor Michael Patric, he appeared in the premiere episode of season four, "Green Arrow".

Biography Edit

The Star City Comptroller was a dark-haired male in his apparent forties who worked as the Comptroller for Starling City. He was active during the time that Starling City was re-branded as Star City.

The Comptroller attended a meeting at Star City Hall with police captain Quentin Lance and Susanna, the current District Attorney. The subject of discussion was electing a new mayor and the Comptroller informed the group that Walter Steele turned down the offer to run for mayor.

Criminal mastermind Damien Darhk disrupted the proceedings and announced that the City Council should just let Star City die. The Comptroller and the District Attorney both commanded him to leave the room. Damien Darhk later had the Comptroller murdered.

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  1. Arrow: Green Arrow (Only dies)

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