"His brain is gone!"
Doctor McCoy

"Spock's Brain"' is the title to the first episode from season three of the science fiction television series Star Trek and is the fifty-sixth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Marc Daniels with a script written by Lee Cronin. It first aired on NBC on September 20th, 1968.

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  • This episode is production code number 60043-061.
  • Stardate: 5431.4. The events of this episode take place in the year 2268.
  • This is the sixty-second episode produced in the series. It is the fifty-sixth aired episode of the series, but the fifty-seventh episode in chronological order if one includes the original unaired pilot episode, "The Cage".
  • This is the fifteenth episode of Star Trek directed by Marc Daniels. It is also his final work on the series. As this episode is a season premiere, it is naturally Marc Daniels' only work on season three.
  • Hikaru Sulu has the first speaking lines in this episode.

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  • There are no allusions available for this episode at this time. Be the first to add some! Just click on the edit tab under the section heading and start typing. An allusion is an incidental reference made to a character, person, event or other miscellaneous piece of media that can be found somewhere in the episode itself. In most cases, this refers to characters or events from previous episodes.

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  • Nurse Chapel's skirt hikes up a bit in the early scene where she collapses on the floor revealing her undies.
  • During one of the Captain's Log narratives, James T. Kirk incorrectly calls the planet that the landing party visits Sigma Draconis VII. It is actually Sigma Draconis VI.

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  • James T. Kirk: Readout, Mister Chekov?
  • Pavel Chekov: No structures, Captain. No mechanized objects that I can read. No surface consumption, no generation of energy. Atmosphere is perfectly all right, of course. Temperature, a high maximum of 40. Livable.
  • James T. Kirk: You have a thick skin.


  • James T. Kirk: Have the transporter room standing by. I'm taking a landing party down to planet six.



  • Spock: While I might trust the doctor to remove a splinter or lance a boil, I do not believe he has the knowledge to restore a brain.
  • Leonard McCoy: Thank you.


  • James T. Kirk: How do you feel, Spock?
  • Spock: On the whole Captain, I believe I'm quite fit. It's fascinating! A remarkable example of a retrograde civilization at the peak, advanced beyond any of our capabilities and now operating at this primitive level which you saw. And it all began thousands of years ago when a glacial age reoccurred. You see, this underground complex was developed for the women. Men remained above. And male/female schism took place. A fascinating cultural development of a kind...
  • Leonard McCoy: I knew it was wrong, I shouldn't have done it!
  • James T. Kirk: What's that?
  • Leonard McCoy: I should have never reconnected his mouth!
  • James T. Kirk: Well, we took the risk, Doctor.


  • Kara: How will we live?
  • Spock: You'll learn to build houses to keep warm. You'll work. Humans have survived under worse conditions. It's a matter of evolution. Give it time.


  • Leonard McCoy: I'll never live this down... this Vulcan telling me how to operate.

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  1. Lee Cronin is the pseudonym for screenwriter Gene L. Coon.

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