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The Flash - Fastest man alive!

Super-speed is the ability of a person or object to move either the entirety of their mass, or parts thereof at a rate of speed/velocity in excess of the common standard. This power is frequently found in the superhero fantasy genre. Individuals who possess this cannot only run at increased rates, but they can also perceive and react to stimuli with greater speed and efficiency than the average person. By exceeding 340 meters per second, approximately 760 miles per hour, an object can break the sound barrier, often resulting in a sonic boom.

In DC Comics, the superhero known as the Flash can vibrate his body at such a speed that his very molecules can slip between those of solid objects, allowing him to briefly become intangible and phase through material. Within the DC Universe, there are many people who can harness super-speed. This is done by tapping into a quasi-mystical dimension known as the Speed Force, which is basically the karmic Nirvana for speedsters. All those who have held the title Flash, including Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen have all at one point in time achieved a peak velocity in excess to the speed of light.

The Marvel Universe equivalent to the Flash is the mutant Pietro Maximoff, also known as Quicksilver. Although he may be the most fleet-footed superhero in the Marvel Universe, his super-speed is nothing in comparison to that of the Flash. Classically, Quicksilver has been showing to accelerate at transonic and supersonic speed.

In the Transformers animated projects, the Autobot known as Blur is the only robot in the series that can move at super-speed. He also speaks at a rapid-fire pace, making his speech extremely difficult to understand at times.

On the TV series No Ordinary Family, the Powell family survived an airplane crash in Brazil, but were exposed to a substance that gave them all super-powers. Scientist Stephanie Powell - wife of police sketch artist Jim Powell, developed super-speed.

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