"Obsession" is the fourth episode of season three of the cartoon superhero fantasy series Superman: The Animated Series and the forty-fifth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Dan Riba with a script written by Andrew Donkin and Ron Fogelman based on a story treatment by Donkin, Fogelman and Paul Dini. It first aired on the WB Network on November 14th, 1998.

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  • This episode is production code number 045.

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  • Darci Mason is intended as a pastiche of Barbie, which is the name of a popular line of fashion dolls produced by Mattel that have been in circulation since 1959. Darci's black and white swimsuit is patterned after one of the outfits worn by the classic Barbie.

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  • Jimmy Olsen: Come on, Clark! You can't tell you are not exited about interviewing Darci Mason!
  • Clark Kent: She's only a model... Besides, what's there to talk about? Eyeliner?


  • The Toyman: I know there's a place for me in your heart. (picks up a hand drill) I just have to find it.


  • Jimmy Olsen: Watch out, Clark. You're gonna burn a hole in those glasses...
  • Clark Kent: What do you mean?
  • Jimmy Olsen: By the way you're staring at her. Or is it just the suit?


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