Superman: The Animated Series, Volume One
Superman - The Animated Series - Volume One
Series: Superman: The Animated Series
Format: Region 1 DVD
Season: 1
Episodes: 18
Discs: 2
Studio: Warner Home Video
Released: January 25th, 2005
Next: Volume Two

Superman: The Animated Series, Volume One is a two-disc DVD collection that includes all eighteen episodes from season one of the superhero fantasy program Superman: The Animated Series. The collection was produced by Warner Home Video and released in Region 1 format on January 25th, 2005.

Product description Edit

Your spirits will soar with this 2-disc/18-episode set from the popular TV series! Portraying the man and hero as human while keeping the comic-book action at full speed, each animated adventure is a fast-paced spellbinder. Beginning with his arrival on Earth, Superman finds his place in his adopted home and accepts his role as its champion - facing mortal enemy Lex Luthor and countless other criminals like the Weather Wizard and the Toyman. High-flying excitement, boundless thrills and revealing Exclusive Extras collide in this superior collection about the dynamic hero that inspired us all to strive for truth and justice.

Episodes Edit

"The Last Son of Krypton (Part 1)"
"The Last Son of Krypton (Part 2)"
"The Last Son of Krypton (Part 3)"
"Fun and Games"
"A Little Piece of Home"
"Feeding Time"
Side A
"The Way of All Flesh"
"Stolen Memories"
"The Main Man (Part 1)"
"The Main Man (Part 2)"
"My Girl"
"Tools of the Trade"
"Two's a Crowd"
"The Prometheon"
Side B
"Blasts from the Past (Part 1)"
"Blasts from the Past (Part 2)"
"Speed Demons"

Notes Edit

  • Total running time: 396 minutes.
  • Languages: English, French and Spanish.
  • Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0.
  • Aspect ratio: 1:33:1 (full frame).
  • Episodes in this collection are rated PG. Bonus materials in this collection are unrated.

Special features Edit

  • "A Little Piece of Home" - Selectable pop-up trivia track.
  • "Superman: Learning to Fly" - Explores the creation of the series.
  • "Building the Mythology: Superman's Supporting Cast" - Showcases the supporting players in the Superman saga.

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