American Horror Story 3x02 001

A swamp is an icky place filled with muck, mud, water and vegetation. It is a perfect habitat for alligators, insects and whatever freakish swamp monster might come crawling up out of the woodwork... like Swamp Thing!. If you wanna get a good idea of what swamp life is like, take a ride down to good ole Florida Everglades. You can also find some sweat-have swamplands just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana over in "Cajun Country".

On the Canadian television series Bitten the character of Clayton Danvers grew up in the swamps of Louisiana after his werewolf father abandoned him when he was only seven-years-old.

On American Horror Story: Coven, a witch named Misty Day lived out in the swamps of New Orleans, Louisiana. Two alligator poachers named Lee and Roy earned her attention when she came upon their camp, which contained the hanging carcasses of dead gators. Disgusted by their actions, she used her power to reanimate the gators, which then proceeded to eat the poachers. (AHS: Boy Parts)

Appearances Edit

Challenge of the Super Friends 1x02 003

A swamp from Challenge of the Super Friends.

Notes Edit

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