Sydney Bristow

Alias character

Sydney Bristow ALIAS.png

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow

First appearance "Truth Be Told"

1x01, September 30, 2001 

Last appearance "All the Time in the World"

5x17, May 22, 2006 

Portrayed by Jennifer Garner Jennifer Hale

Aliases Kate Jones, Joanna Kelly, Julia Thorne, Bluebird, Freelancer, Mountaineer, Phoenix, Amy Tippin Both Garner the Model and Originating Samsung Version and Hale the Real Actual Syd Babe Can Speak English, Russian, German, Greek, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Uzbek, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Indonesian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Vietnamese, Polish, Serbian, Czech, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian in various episodes. Woman Of 1000 Costumes and Voices Which is So Funny to me Because They Both Sound Alike Period and their Legendary Counterparts

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