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The T-1001 Terminator is a classification of robot featured in the Terminator multimedia franchise. The full classification for this model is Cyberdyne Systems Series 1001 Terminator, or simply Series 1001 Terminator.

The T-1001 Terminator is a robotic Terminator series produced by Skynet. Is is the second generation model of the previous T-1000 series, and has all of the same capabilities, including a mimetic polyalloy composition, which enables it to alter its form into any variety of shapes and sizes. In its natural state, the T-1001 takes the form of liquid metal. The T-1001 had greater functionality than the T-1000, notably in its ability to function as individual components should any quantity of its mass become separated from the main body.

One T-1001 of note, was a rogue Terminator that traveled backwards in time to the mid 2000s where it assumed the human identity of a woman named Catherine Weaver. As Weaver, the T-1001 was part of a group whose goal was to build an artificial intelligence intended to rival Skynet.

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  • The Catherine Weaver T-1000 took the form of a "bar skank" when it had a meeting with Serrano Point nuclear power plant manager, Mister Nelson. [1]

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