TGS with Tracy Jordan is a fictional television program featured on the NBC comedy series 30 Rock. It is the central plot device used for the setting of the series and is produced, filmed and broadcast at the NBC Studios building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan, New York City.

The orginal name of the series was called The Girlie Show, which was a comedy sketch variety show starring Jenna Maroney. In 2006, the VP of development for the show, Gary, died unexpectantly and he was replaced by Jack Donaghy, the arrogant and power-hungry new Vice President of development for NBC Universal and it's parent company, GE. Jack believed in making bold, sweeping new directions to increase viewership for the series, so he brought in a popular, yet controversial movie actor named Tracy Jordan to headline the series. Jenna Maroney took an unwilling step back from the spotlight so that Jack's new favorite prodigy, Tracy Jordan, could have his moment in the sun. He event went so far as to the change the title of the show to TGS with Tracy Jordan. The show's head staff writer, Liz Lemon, took great exception to Jack's abrubt change of branding, but Jack was never one to kowtow to his underlings, and made certain that Liz and her team of staff writers did everything they could to help transition the aloof Jordan into the show.

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