this with the Tress Macneille Talk Page is My Best Truth Information Tied Together

Welks/Blancs aka Elkism/Welkism is Also Forayism in Female Form People who Can Anything From Russian Dogs What Jim Cummings aka Paul Frees Paul Winchell,ect Winnie the Pooh,Tigger,Pete From Goof Troop,Santa Claus,ect Baby Voices Made Mostly Famously By Charmed's Alyssa Milano Because Her Phoebe was talking Like that For even doing Slimer Baby Voices Goth and Accents Were Invented By Audrey Plaza Creepella "Creepie" Creecher.Grumpy Cat,Raven of Teen Titans,ect Character Singing was Came about When A Unknown Named Jennifer Hale Before She Became Famous as Black Cat,Cinderella,Sleeping Beauty,ect Changed the Universe after Appearing in Alias underneath name of Jennifer Garner in theory helped her Create Totally Spies and Disguises and Singing Songs making her the Queen of Hollywood in fact the 1st cartoon song she did was Scooby Doo Looking For You the Best Singing Ever Started out in the 80's by Japanese Goddess Utada Hikari aka Jennifer Lopez's Singing Voice and She Did All of Britta Phillips Jem Singing Rage Songs and helped paved the way for another Voice Goddess of 1000 Kim Hyuna probally wouldn't got in the business if Utada aka Britta of Jem and Singer of Lopez songs infact she even tribute the real Lopez Michelle Lepe singing Jenny for the Block But Legend is I'm A Monster Hotel ranslyvania,Bubble Bop and All the Monster High Songs,Back to the other Female/Guy Gods Grey Delisle Daphne Blake,Emily Elizabeth Clifford the Big Red Dog Cartoons and Avatar Azula did Some Country Goth Songs Out There She Probally Singed Dubbed Adele and other Country Singers Too? Noises Like Reindeer,Dinosaurs Cats and other effects out there Were Done by Mel Blanc,Kevin Michael Richardson,ect 1 more Valley Talkism Was Invented by Andrea Baker Totally Spies Even under the Name Maggie Blue O'Hara and Tiffany Vollmer Bulma,Clover,Daphne Spankenheimer,ect