Was pleasantly surprised by how well Isla and Hadley, the teenage dolls from Twelve Dancing Princesses, photographed:


  • Went all Edgar Allan Poe with Midnight Moon Princess:

  • Made a devil outfit for Barbie Trixie:


  • Was deluged with hits when I posted photos of two Monster High dolls:


Christmas Special Off Topic Doll – Monster High’s Frankie SteinEdit


Barbie: "Are you sure this is how you do a home perm?"


An early Christmas present from the boyf. Thanks love xxx

Halloween Special off topic dolls – Monster High Clawdeen Wolf and Spectra VondergastEdit

29OctEarly Christmas present from the boyf …. these things are gorgeous, but I’m conflicted. I bear no ill will towards Spooky Kids or Emos or whatever they are called. I think they’re cute. I would almost definitely have been one if I’d been born twenty years later. As it turned out though, I was a Goth. The hardline Goths I remember from my youth would not have approved of Monster High at all – Living Dead Dolls were barely tolerated by this crowd, who preferred reading french poetry whilst hanging upside down or some similarly serious and sinister pursuit. I refer you to the South Park episode “the Ungroundable” for further details. However, I was never that hardline. Although, yes, I backcombed my hair and wore white stage makeup, I also possessed a pair of pink dolly shoes, which I wore for much of the early nineties. I feel that this should make me an honorary Spooky Kid, and therefore able to buy and enjoy Monster High dolls.

Having said this, the crap puns are a little wearing after a while, and the diaries included with the doll are deeply tedious rubbish (I understand the range is based on some books and maybe these are quirkily endearing in a sort of Harry Potter way, but I am left with no desire to find out now). It all reminds me of the only three jokes I remember from my childhood, which are as follows:

1. Q. What do ghosts eat for breakfast? A. Dreaded wheat.

2. Q. What do ghosts eat for dinner? A. Ghoulash.

3. Q. What do ghosts eat for tea? A. Spook-etti.

Hilarious. Anyhoo, the dolls themselves have wonderfully poseable bodies and delicate little hands with separated fingers. When I get a minute, I’m looking forward to designing for them, although I heartily approve of the outfits they have on. Surely these are the collector’s items of the future.

[6][7]ADDITIONAL: For those of you who are wondering how I justify a Halloween Special with no actual post on Halloween, I don’t. One of the pets got badly ill on the 30th and died on the 31st, I felt quite shit about it, didn’t feel like posting. I then spent my limited free time completely spoiling and coddling the remaining pets. But I missed Barbiebeauties in the end. The pets are probably sick to death of me mithering them by now anyway, so its probably just as well … my Halloween posts will doubtless crop up some time soon, as I’m always up for a bit of spooky.

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