Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Tara.

Doctor Who Edit

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Tara is a fictional planet seen on the original British sci-fi cult series Doctor Who. It was the principal setting of "The Androids of Tara" storyline from series sixteen, which featured Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Mary Tamm as his companion, Romana.

Tara was a planet that contained a gravity similar to Earth, an oxygen atmosphere and a temperate climate. It is notable for its many forests and streams. The people of Tara, the Tarans, were culturally similar to Earthlings from Medieval Europe in terms of style and dress, though they did possess technology far in advance of that era, including robotics and electrically-charged melee weapons. Tara's wildlife included animals that could be found on Earth such as horses and fish, but also boasted its own unique life forms such as the Taran beast, which was a hairy, savage biped that was often used for hunting.

The Fourth Doctor and Romana I were sent to Tara under the instruction of the Guardian to acquire the fourth component in the Key of Time. They encountered Grendel of Gracht, who was a count and the knight of Castle Gracht. Count Grendel was in the midst of a conspiracy to assassinate the heir apparent to the throne of Tara, his cousin Prince Reynart, and take his place as the next in succession to the crown.

  • Residents of Tara

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