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Temperance Brennan
Temperance Brennan
Temperance Brennan
Aliases: Joy Ruth Keenan [1] Bones [2]; Tempe [3] Sweetie [4]
Series: Bones
Gender: Female
Notability: Main character
Occupation: Scientist
Location: Jeffersonian Institute, Washington, D.C.
Relatives: Christine Brennan (mother, deceased); Matthew Brennan (father); Russ Brennan (brother); Christine Booth (daugther); Seeley Booth (father of child)
Status: Alive
Born: 1976
First: Pilot
Actor: Emily Deschanel

Temperance "Bones" Brennan is the main character from the FOX Network television series Bones. She is played by actress Emily Deschanel.

Overview Edit

Temperance "Bones" Brennan is a board-certified forensic anthropologist who works in the Medico-Legal lab at the fictional Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C. She received her Ph.D. from Northwestern University, as stated in "The Girl in the Fridge". She has three doctorates, as referred to by Dr. Jack Hodgins in the episode "The Parts of the Sum in the Whole", in Anthropology, Forensic anthropology & Kinesiology; it is implied that most of her work at the lab was related to either long-dead bodies or victims of genocide. Her occasional contract work for the FBI shifted the focus of her work. She was paired with FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, and helped to solve two difficult cases; since then, they have worked together almost exclusively on modern-day murder cases.

Brennan works with a group of other well-qualified colleagues, including the entomologist Jack Hodgins, her boss and forensic pathologist Camille Saroyan, forensic artist Angela Montenegro, and a host of eager graduate students. Booth refers to her crew of colleagues as "squints", because they come to crime scenes and squint at evidence. He is also responsible for her nickname, "Bones". As of season one it can be determined that Brennan is at least 30 years old because in the first season finale she mentioned that her parents went missing over 15 years ago, and states that she was born in 1976, also she has said numerous times that they disappeared when she was 15 years old. In "The Death of the Queen Bee" it is revealed that her then current-age is 33-years-old. [5]

Biography Edit

Although Brennan seemed to have a relatively normal childhood, her parents disappeared when she was 15 years old. Her older brother, Russ, was unable to care for her, and she was put in the foster care system. There has been contradictory evidence about her time in the system; in one episode, Brennan stated that her grandfather got her out of the foster system, but in a later episode, she indicates that she never knew her grandparents (possibly the two references are to two separate sets of grandparents, paternal and maternal). Her time in foster care was quite traumatic and abusive; Brennan indicated that she was once locked in the trunk of a car for two days because she broke a plate, and in the episode "The Finger in the Nest", she reveals to Booth that she walked into her elderly neighbor's house to find the woman dead. In the same episode, she also mentions to Booth that her parents were very concerned about her afterwards, because she started faking her own death.

It is later revealed that her parents, who were bank robbers, changed the family's identity after they testified against some other bank robbers; Brennan's birth name was actually Joy Keenan. Her mother (real name Ruth Keenan, known under the assumed identity of Christine Brennan) had hoped to someday return to her children and family, but made a tape for Brennan to watch on her 16th birthday in case that never happened. Brennan later discovered that Ruth/Christine was murdered in 1993, two years after she and her husband went on the run. Her father, Max Keenan, re-entered Brennan's life when she and her brother were being threatened by an old acquaintance, who turned out to be Booth's boss, Deputy Director Kirby. Max evades capture after killing Kirby, and takes Russ into hiding to protect him. Later, Max allows Booth to arrest him in order to improve his relationship with his daughter. At trial, Max is acquitted of murdering Director Kirby (due in large part to a defense Booth indirectly came up with, positing an alternate theory of the crime in which Temperance was the killer instead, creating reasonable doubt), and he begins to rebuild his life. He temporarily works at the Jeffersonian as a guide for children visiting the place and demonstrates his brilliant talent as a former science teacher. However, Brennan is concerned about a convicted felon having access to a lab that investigates crimes underground. It is very mysterious what Brennan first finds in the lab. Max also introduces Brennan to her cousin Margaret Whitesell, portrayed by Deschanel's real-life sister Zooey Deschanel. Brennan is best friends with her coworker Angela, saying in the 6th season premiere she loves Angela "like a sister" and is going to be an aunt to Hodgins and Angela's newborn child. It is revealed at the end of the season six finale "The Change in the Game" that Brennan is pregnant and the father is Booth. [5]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The character of Temperance Brennan was created by author and real-world forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs and series creator Hart Hanson.
  • Temperance Brennan is also the main character from a series of crime novels written by Kathy Reichs. Although the TV version of the character has more in common with Reichs herself, Kathy describes "Bones" as being a younger version of her character from the novels.
  • In the TV series, Bones is also a crime fiction writer who has a series of novels with a protagonist named Kathy Reichs.

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References Edit

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