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Friday, September 24, 2010Edit

Tenchi the Movie - Tenchi Muyo In LoveEdit

Horror Movies Tenchi the Movie - Tenchi Muyo In LoveEdit



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Tenchi the Movie - Tenchi Muyo In Love OverviewEdit

The merciless criminal Kain has escaped from sub-space where he has been captured! Kain, who was deprived of his freedom by the Jurai royal family and GP (Galaxy Police), has demolished the GP headquarters and attacked the Jurai King. His next target is earth! Around the same time on earth, Tenchi's house has suddenly disappeared. What's even worse is that Tenchi's body is disappearing too! Something must have happened in the past to Tenchi's mother, Achika! So the gang must now leave for a journey to the year 1970.

Tenchi the Movie - Tenchi Muyo In Love SpecificationsEdit

Although the first feature in this popular franchise is more serious in tone than Tenchi in Tokyo or Tenchi Muyô!, the characters prove strong enough to carry a longer story while remaining true to their established personalities.When the criminal Kain escapes from prison, he destroys Galactic Patrol Headquarters, then moves to Earth to strike the Masaki family, whose link to the royal family of Jurai engenders his hatred. Capable of moving through time as well as space, he plans to kill Tenchi's mother, Achika, before she marries his father, Nobuyuki. If Kain were to succeed, Tenchi would cease to exist, the Masaki line would end, and his friends would disappear.

Scientific genius Washu transports Tenchi, Jurai princesses Ayeka and Sasami, space pirate Ryoko, Galactic Patrol officers Mihoshi and Kiyone, and cabbit Ryo-Ohki back to 1970 to defend Achika. The inevitable wacky contretemps occur--Ayeka and Ryoko get into a fight that brings Tokyo's commuter train system to a halt--and it's interesting to see Nobuyuki as an uncertain architecture student, rather than a comic lecher. The final confrontation with Kain takes on an unusual poignancy from Tenchi's feelings for the mother he never knew (she died while he was an infant).

Unrated; recommended for ages 10 and older for brief nudity and cartoon violence. --Charles Solomon

Horror Movies Customer ReviewsEdit


I am writing this as a Tenchi fan who loves the show so much, they took me into anime.

This film is part of the "Tenchi Universe continuity" and ova (pilot series of videos), and so is the daughter of darkness and Tenchi Forever. Although I love eggs, Tenchi Universe is the main series and this film is a spin off of a great and fun expansion Mrs ova

The film introduces a new villain named KAIN who can now travel and make almostnothing (Take That-American comic book super villians!) is angry with the fee to imprison him in sub-galactic space and time that has been thrown out, he wants revenge on all the descendants of the people it has locked away! He travles back to 1970 to kill his mother and grandfather Tenchi because they are descendants of the House of Jura, which are the royal family, with the Galaxy Police, trapped him in the sub-space of 100 years ago!
Tenchi in the current time and begins to disappearWashu must send the "team" back in time to stop him!

This is a great history and is a gem in my collection of souls.

Finally, I would like to point out that the subtitles do not match the English dub. and it is strange how the different stories (or at least the dialogue is) and how much better is the English voice acting is compared to the sub-Stories from the title that was written buy the Japanese. Fortunately you can turn on the subtitles in the menu.

Also, if you likeStar Wars, you'll love this movie and drama!

Best Tenchi Movie - E. M. Green -
Just like my title says. It 's the first and best movie Tenchi Muyo! It 'beautiful art, and the plot makes you laugh and cry at the same time. I actually caught myself talking to the television, I feel like I'm really conectted with it. 5 Stars *****

Haphazard film debut doesn't do justice to the Tenchi characters - W. M. Davidson - St. Louis, MO
"Tenchi Muyo in Love!" (Aka "Tenchi: The Movie"), although not a total disaster, is a rather disappointing entry in "Tenchi Muyo!" franchising.

main weakness of the film is its plot. All free Kain never becomes more than a cackling villain-of-the-week. The writers seem to make the story as they go forward, with holes, dead ends, and deus ex machinas all over the place. The rate varies widely, with some scenes gallop so fast that it is difficult to digestwhat's going on, and keeping other sections to make simple points.

On the positive side, the animation is impressive, and the mother of Tenchi Ahikar is a fascinating, intriguing character. Ryoko and Ayeka bickering is fun as always, but with no real character development to speak of, comes off as a bit 'tired.

I would really only recommend this movie to a completist Tenchi. The sequel to "Tenchi Muyo! In Love 2" (aka "Tenchi Forever") is a big improvement.

So So - Corey D. Collins -
Ehhh ... it was ok, ok, is everything. I like the Tenchi franchise, but this movie left me high and dry, one scene of real action, though the Tenchi series isn't known for having the largest share in the anime world, I for some reason, he expected a lot better than what I saw.
Its still an ok movie, but I suggest you buy it only if you like collecting anime series Tenchi.

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