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"Automatic for the People" is the second episode of season two of the sci-fi/action TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the eleventh episode of the series overall. It was directed by Jeffrey Hunt with a script written by Natalie Chaidez. It first aired on the FOX Network on Monday, September 15th, 2008.

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Developed for television by Josh Friedman
Based on characters created by James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd

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  • This episode is rated TV-14.
  • This episode is production code number 3T7302.
  • Actor Garret Dillahunt is credited in this episode, but does not make an appearance.
  • Actress Leven Rambin is added to the main cast list for this series beginning with this episode.
  • Sarah Connor has the first lines of dialogue in this episode. She says, "Hey" to rouse Derek Reese from sleeping.
  • Actress Busy Philipps is actually pregnant in this episode. That's not a prop belly. She was eight months pregnant at the time of shooting, but her character tells Sarah and Cameron that she is seven months pregnant.

Allusions Edit

  • The title of this episode is taken from the 1992 album, "Automatic for the People" by alternative rock band R.E.M., which was their eighth studio album and released on October 5th. One of the more notable tracks on the album is "Man on the Moon".
  • There is a reference made to a teacher named Mister Henriksen in this episode. This is likely a nod to actor Lance Henriksen, who played Detective Hal Vukovich in the 1984 film, The Terminator.

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  • There are no bloopers available for this episode at this time. Be the first to add some! Just click on the edit tab under the section heading and start typing. A blooper is any revealing mistake that can be found within the episode that the production crew may have missed during editing. This can range from inconsistent lines of dialogue to visible production equipment in the shot to mis-spoken lines of dialogue, or... dare we say it? A wardrobe malfunction.

Quotes Edit

  • Cameron Phillips: You risked your life to fix me. That was a very dangerous thing to do. That could upset people.


  • Sarah Connor: You always talk about how English is so boring. I think we could all use boring today. Especially you.
  • John Connor: And what about her?
  • Sarah Connor: The last thing she is, is boring. I'll keep her with us.


  • Sarah Connor: He's from the future. Sent here by John, I assume that's how he found us.


  • Derek Reese: I'll handle it.
  • Sarah Connor: I've seen how you handle "it". I send you and the landmine to do this, I guarantee someone's ending up dead.
  • Derek Reese: Maybe someone's supposed to end up dead.
  • Sarah Connor: And the other part of that equation is "maybe not".


  • John Connor: I don't have to prove anything to anyone, including you.


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The World of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


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  1. Credited, but does not appear in this episode.

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