"What He Beheld" is the ninth episode of season one of the science fiction/action TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which is based on the popular Terminator film series created by James Cameron back in 1984. The episode was directed by Mike Rohl with a script written by Ian Goldberg. It first aired on the FOX Network on Friday, March 3rd, 2008 at 9:00 pm.

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Developed for television by Josh Friedman
Based on characters created by James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd

John Enbom - Producer
Natalie Chaidez - Consulting producer
James Middleton - Consulting producer
Toni Graphia - Co-executive producer
Mario F. Kassar - Executive producer
Andrew G. Vajna - Executive producer
Joel B. Michaels - Executive producer
Jill Danton - Producer
John Wirth - Executive producer
Josh Friedman - Executive producer
Aaron Miller - Associate producer
Mike Rohl - Writer
Ian Goldberg - Director
Ashley Edward Miller - Executive story editor
Zack Stentz - Executive story editor
Bill Roe - Director of photography
Michael Novotny - Production designer
Scott Gamzon - Editor
Bear McCreary - Composer
Hilton H. Smith - Unit production manager
Nina Jack - First assistant director

Adam Ben Frank - Second assistant director
Zane/Pillsbury, C.S.A. - Casting
Lisa Beach, C.S.A. - Original casting
Sarah Katzman, C.S.A. - Original casting
Joel Kramer - Stunt coordinator
Bryan Thetford - Set decorator
Amanda Friedland - Costume designer
Steve Galich - Special effects supervisor
Kelly Leffler - Script supervisor
Robert Hall/Almost Human, Inc. - Special makeup effects
Harriette Landau - Makeup artist
Josee Normand - Hairstylist
Scott Buckwald - Property master
Charles Kelly - Sound mixer
Rick Norman - Re-recording mixer
Peter Sullivan - Re-recording mixer
Michael Baber - Music editor
Fotokem - Film processing
Jim Lima/Zoic Studios, Inc. - Visual effects
Panavision - Cameras

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • This episode is production code number 3T6856 (provided at the end-title sequence of this episode).
  • This episode is rated TV-14.
  • Associate producer Aaron Miller is credited in the end-title sequence to this episode.
  • Chronologically, this is the earliest appearances of Derek Reese and Kyle Reese, who are presented in the 2007 timeline as ages 15 and 8 (respectively).
  • This is the third and final appearance of Morris. He appeared last in "Vick's Chip".
  • This is the third and final appearance of Carlos. He appeared last in "The Turk".

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Quotes Edit

  • James Ellison: If Sarah is alive and I believe she is, we are working in a realm where much, perhaps anything is possible, robots, soldiers from the future, Skynet.
  • Charley Dixon: If Sarah were alive, I'm sure she's like to hear you say that.


  • Derek Reese: Remind me again, why are the boys out here and the girls in there?
  • John Connor: Because one of the boys is still wanted for murder, and one of the girls is harder than nuclear nails.
  • Derek Reese: And the other one's a cyborg.



  • Charley Dixon: If he believes you, he can protect you.
  • Sarah Connor: Do you remember what you saw here? What we destroyed, who destroyed it? The FBI can't protect us, you can't protect us. If one of them follows you here, not the FBI, one of them, you'll have killed us.


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