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Terrell could serve as an individual's first name, or their last name. See below for a list of characters.

True Blood Edit

True Blood 1x02 024

Terrell was a young black man in his apparent mid-twenties who lived in Louisiana in the late 2000s. In 2008, he went to a party in Monroe, that was attended by Lafayette Reynolds and Tara Thornton. While Lafayette danced with other guests, Tara isolated herself away, preferring to sit on a couch, sipping a drink. Terrell caught sight of her, and believing that opportunity was personally knocking on his front door sashayed up to her in the hopes of turning her on (yes, he actually sashayed). Tara was unimpressed with Terrell's pedestrian attempts to hit on her, and decided to discourage him by telling him that she was married (which she wasn't). When Terrell seemed undeterred by this, she went on to say that her husband was a mercenary for Blackwater and that he just came back from killing a bunch of people in Iraq. Terrell called her on her lie, but Tara kept it up, saying that her husband was crazy and that he once shot a man in the crotch just for buying her a CD. This seemed to be enough to discourage him, and Terrell got up and left.

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