The Digimon Site Hall Of Fame

If you think your site is good enough to be in the Hall Of Fame e-mail us and we'll check out your site and see if its good enough. If we find a good page we'll induct it right away!

The Digimon Shrine: One of the first digimon sites. It had everything 
your average Digimon site needed. It was the example for all the other 
Digimon sites on the planet. The Digimon Shrine will probably be the 
most famous Digimon site of all.

Gordon Kane's Digital Monster Page: The most informative Digimon site 
ever. It had everyhting about every Digimon, but it had to end all 
because of some stupid Game Boy game called Pokemon.

The Teddymon Hangout: Probably the most original Digimon site. It was 
the first Digimon website to use a form for an unrelated webring matter. 
It also put a new meaning of fun into Digimon sites. This site will go 
down in history.

The Digimon Five: The most entertaining Digimon site. It has the 
looks, and it  has the info, but it has stuff cooler than 
anything else in the kingdom of Digimon web sites. Digimon 5, we salute 

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