All the Hex Girl Scooby Doo Hits Are Now on Justin's Version Of Mediamass Culture The Hex Girls Concert (all songs 1999-2013) all By Scooby Legends Jennifer Hale and Jane Wiedlin of the Hex Girls and others Original Velma Nicole Jaffe and Current Daphne Grey Delisle Grey and Jennifer My 2 Favorite Cartoon Voices

3 By Jane Dusk and the Rest By Sally Thorn Mcknight Miss Hale

1. Hex Girl: Witch's Ghost, Legend of the Vampire, SDMI (remix)
2. Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air: Witch's Ghost, SDMI (remix)
3. Witch's Ghost: Witch's Ghost Soundtrack Jane
4. Zoinks!: Witch's Ghost Soundtrack
5. Who Do Voodoo: Legend of the Vampire, SDMI Jane
6. Scooby-Doo Where Are You (remix with Mystery Inc.): Legend of the Vampire Nicole Jaffe  With Jennifer Hale
7. Petrified Bride: WNSD
8. What's New Scooby Doo the Hex Girls Version
9. Scooby Snax/Scooby Snacks: Witch's Ghost Soundtrack Jane
10. Trap of Love: SDMI Grey Delisle
11. It's a Mystery: Witch's Ghost Soundtrack
12. Good Bad Girls: SDMI
13. Those Meddling Kids: Witch's Ghost Soundtrack

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