Thank you Legendary Crystal Reed for Put Yourself on tv and being the Ultimate Werewolf Honey Ever that Shiny Barbie Brunette Hair thoes Hollywood Brown Sometimes Green Eyes Of Steele and those Pinky sexy cutie pie lips in your Darker Brunette Style you Remind me of the Cutest most Gorgeous Creaure Alyssa Milano and Like Selena Gomez and Holly Marie Combs Even Like Buffy Legend Eliza Dushku Faith These 10 pictures You're Gorgeous Face has Changed the Look of Wolf Girls Forver and Proves even werewolf Cutie Pies are Barbies in the faces and Eyes

[1]1st picture you With Red Barbie of All Wolf Cuties the Holland Roden You Both are Teen Wolf Legends so cute [2][3]this 1 you like miss Legendary Eliza Faith the Vampire Slayer Dushku and the Cutest Creature Alyssa Milano

[4]another one Where You're Alyssa Most Beautiful Woman is UnCanny Except you're the Most Beautiful Wolf thing ever[5] [6]Here's the Other Ones Where You're Eyes Matches  Holly Combs/Selena Gomez/Alyssa Milano's  [7][8]



Except this For Some Reason Your Eyes are Green Looking But your Still doll y Cute Looking

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