Please Dark Yada Do Not Mess this Page Up I HAD IT Upgraded this Year to Look Better Now I Don't remember What I Had on it So There For When People go and Back and redo my stuff it gets me I Mean I'M The Expert on Hollywood Authority Messups on the Internet because the Internet lies to People especially my Comnputer it's a 1950's version which means the new stuff is not out there any way Like all these people Aliases Don't Exist Correctly sometimes I Have To Guess this Stuff and Sometimes I'm a billion times Corrrect and Other's Fix the Provence of Information Since this Site's Purpose this Year This Month-Forever is to Help People on the Wrong Stuff to Be the Right Stuff I Really Hate other Editors Vandalism or redo my stuff

so I'm Saying this Nicely because I'm the Nicest Person Ever Don't Mess My Pages Up That Goes For Nobody it will be this Way Until Alyssa Milano/Kylie Griffin of Redirects their Page to my Site and the Truth will Be on Here and the Site Will Be Better then Ever and For Some Reason if that Doesn't Happen then I'm Stuck with People that Mess my Stuff Up

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