Night Shift
Night Shift
Title: Night Shift
Format: Live-action
Genres: Medical drama
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA
Network: NBC
Seasons: 4+
Episodes: 22+
Production company: Sachs/Judah Productions
Sony Pictures Television
Executive producers: Gabe Sachs; Jeff Judah; Tom Garrigus; Bridget Bedard; Stewart A. Lyons; Dailyn Rodriguez
Producers: Tawnya Bhattacharya; Ali Laventhol; Zachary Lutsky; Matt Lewis; Cristina Verano
Principal cast: Eoin Macken; Jill Flint; Ken Leung; Brendan Fehr; Robert Bailey, Jr.; Jeananne Goossen; JR Lemon; Freddy Rodriguez
Air dates
First aired: May 24th, 2014

Night Shift, alternatively known as After Hours, is an American television series of the medical drama genre. It was created by Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah and produced by Sony Pictures Television. It first began airing on NBC on May 24th, 2014. The show stars Eoin Macken as Doctor TC Callahan, Jill Flint as Doctor Jordan Alexander, Ken Leung as Doctor Topher Zia, Brendan Fehr as Doctor Drew Allister, Robert Bailey, Jr. as Doctor Paul Cummings, Jeananne Goossen as Doctor Krista Bell-Hart, JR Lemon as Kenny Fournette, and Freddy Rodriguez as Michael Ragosa.

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  • This program is alternatively known as After Hours.
  • The Night Shift aired on Wednesday evenings at 10:00 pm.

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