The following is a list of models who have appeared on the US version of Deal or No Deal. While most of the models hold the same numbered case each week, a few of the models hold a different case number each game. All 26 models wear identical dresses and shoes, though the style is changed for each episode

Katie,April,Claudia,Pilar AND ANYA are the Most Legendary Dealing Barbies But my FAVORITES ARE APRIL SCOTT AND KATIE cLEARLY

[2] [3][4]

Megan Abrigo A.J. Almasi Angel Archer Mariela Arteaga Aliké Boggan Kelly Brannigan Kristen Brockman Sara Bronson Krissy Carlson Katie Cleary Lindsay Clubine Lanisha Cole Kim Estrada Donna Feldman Alison Fiori Enya Flack Stacey Gardner Lisa Gleave Lianna Grethel Kasie Head Tameka Jacobs Claudia Jordan Patricia Kara Joni Kempner Bonnie-Jill Laflin Lisa Lakatos Pilar Lastra Aubrie Lemon Brooke Long Jill Manas Meghan Markle Kristal Marshall Keltie Martin Ursula Mayes Leyla Milani Crystal Monte Anya Monzikova Jenelle Moreno Hayley Marie Norman Dawn Olivieri Amie Peterson Marisa Petroro Lindsay Schoneweis April Scott Laura Shields Lauren Shiohama Amanza Smith Nancy Stelmaszczyk
Yoi Tanabe Mylinda Tov Sonia Vera Tamara Witmer

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