"You still don't get it, do you? Closing the X-Files, separating you and Scully was only the beginning. The truth is still out there, but it's more dangerous. The man we both knew paid for that information with his life, a sacrifice I'm not willing to make."
Mister X
Series The X-Files
Season 2, Episode 4
X-Files 2x04 001
Airdate October 7th, 1994
Writer Howard Gordon
Director Rob Bowman
Producer Paul Rabwin; Joseph Patrick Finn; Paul Brown; David Nutter; Howard Gordon; James Wong; Glen Morgan; R.W. Goodwin; Chris Carter
Starring David Duchovny; Gillian Anderson
Previous "Blood"
Next "Duane Barry"

"Sleepless" is the fourth episode of season two of the paranormal crime drama series The X-Files and is the twenty-eighth episode in the series overall. The episode was directed by Rob Bowman with a script written by Howard Gordon. It first aired on the Fox Network on Friday, October 7th, 1994.

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  • Fox Mulder: Who are you?
  • Mister X: Who I am is irrelevant.
  • Fox Mulder: Why are you trying to help me?
  • Mister X: You think I want to be here, Agent Mulder? I don't want to be here.


  • Dana Scully: Sounds like your new partner's working out.
  • Fox Mulder: He's all right. He could use a little more seasoning and some wardrobe advice. But he's a lot more open to extreme possibilities than...
  • Dana Scully: Than I was?
  • Fox Mulder: ...than I assumed he would be.
  • Dana Scully: Must be nice not having someone question your every move, poking holes in all your theories.
  • Fox Mulder: Oh yeah, it's -- it's great. I'm surprised I put up with you so long.


  • Nurse: This patient's night terrors prevent him from cycling out REM sleep into the more restful slow wave sleep. It's still experimental, but what we're trying to do is modify his brain wave patterns externally.
  • Fox Mulder: How do you do that?
  • Nurse: Electrical stimulation of the occipital lobe creates simply visual and auditory hallucinations.
  • Fox Mulder: So it's actually possibly to alter somebody's dreams?
  • Nurse: In theory, yes.


  • Fox Mulder: All right, what do you want to know?
  • Alex Krycek: What's the truth? There are things you're not telling me that I need to know.
  • Fox Mulder: It's just that my ideas usually aren't very popular.
  • Alex Krycek: I told you, I want to believe. But I need a place to start.

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