2009 Tony AnselmoEdit

When Tony Anselmo started working as an assistant animator at the Disney Studios at the age of 20, it was a dream come true. Little did he know that a friendship he struck up at the Disney Studio, with Clarence “Ducky” Nash (the original voice of Donald Duck), would lead him to carry on a tradition that Nash himself began. Tony  recalls that his voice training started inadvertently when he asked Nash – just out of curiosity – how he voiced Donald Duck. By the time Nash passed away in February of 1985, he had created a natural successor in Anselmo, who gladly took up the legacy left him by his good friend. As an animator, Tony had worked on every animated Disney feature since 1980, but – ironically – had never animated that famous duck. “After I started doing the voice,” he says, “I started animating Donald.” No one at Disney had ever animated a character and provided the voice for the character at the same time, and Tony still holds that distinction. 







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