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Torchy is a fictional dinosaur featured in the original 1974-1976 children's television adventure series Land of the Lost. He is a dimetrodon, which is a four-legged reptile with a large fin on his back. Torchy is a native inhabitant in the "Lost Land" of Altrusia, and distinguishes himself from other dimetrodons by the fact that he can project a gout of flame from his mouth.

Torchy can usually be found stomping around the jungles near High Bluff or occasionally be seen stalking about near Lulu's swamp. Torchy was a tough and aggressive dinosaur, but also seem to harbor a fear of intense whether. Holly Marshall noted on one occasion that Torchy did not appear to care for thunderclaps. (LOTL: Scarab) A time-displaced U.S. cavalry soldier from 1877 named Elmo Diggs caught site of Torchy. Diggs probably dismissed the vision as a hallucination caused by a fever he had been suffering from, but he was lucid enough to understand that Torchy was certainly NOT a buffalo. (LOTL: Medicine Man)

Notes Edit

  • There are very few original scenes involving Torchy. Most of the appearances that the animal makes in the show is stock footage that is recycled from episode to episode.
  • Dimetrodons are often mistaken for a dinosaur or as a contemporary of dinosaurs in popular culture, but it went extinct around 40 million years before the appearance of the first dinosaur in the Triassic period.

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