"In the Dark"
Series Tru Calling
Season 2, Episode 3
Tru Calling 2x03 001
Airdate April 7th, 2005
Writer Jane Espenson
Director Rick Rosenthal
Producer Marty Adelstein; Robert Doherty; Doris Egan; Jane Espenson; Zack Estrin; Jon Harmon Feldman; Kathy Gilroy-Sereda; Richard Hatem; Michael Katleman; Neal Moritz; Dawn Parouse; Scott Shepherd; Agatha Warren
Starring Eliza Dushku; Zach Galifianakis; Shawn Reaves; Jason Priestley
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Next "The Last Good Day"

"In the Dark" is the third episode of season two of the supernatural drama series Tru Calling and the twenty-fourth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Rick Rosenthal and written by Jane Espenson. It first aired on the FOX Network on Thursday, April 7th, 2005.

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  • Production code number: 2AHP03.

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  • Jack Harper: Harrison! Look at you, man! You look great! Robust! Like a man who's been taking care of himself.
  • Harrison Davies: So, my continuing to be alive isn't bothering you?
  • Jack Harper: Oh. You mean because it runs counter to the plan of the universe and every day you're setting in motion consequences that can only be damaging to the entire human race? Now why would that bother me?


  • Tru Davies: Don't settle in, Harry. I'm heading out. Something happened and I don't have a clue who it happened to.
  • Harrison Davies: Wait, I thought your birthday was supposed to be all about giggles and love for the people of the Earth.
  • Tru Davies: Yeah. I had that birthday yesterday.
  • Harrison Davies: Whoa. You had a replay on your birthday? Huh. Wait, is there anything I should do, or not do? Uh, did I-did I screw up?

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