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Season Seven of the supernatural drama series True Blood aired on HBO from June 22nd, 2014 to August 24th, 2014, spanning a total of ten episodes. It was the final season of the series. The season was marketed as "True Blood: The Final Season".

The series' seventh, and final season received an American DVD release on November 11, 2014. This was the same day in which "True Blood: The Complete Series" was released. A package special consisting of the DVDs for all 7 seasons in the same box, "True Blood:The Complete Series" contains 33 DVDs and a plethora of extras.

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No. Episode Title Airdate
71 7x01 "Jesus Gonna Be Here" June 22nd, 2014
72 7x02 "I Found You" June 29th, 2014
73 7x03 "Fire in the Hole" July 6th, 2014
74 7x04 "Death Is Not the End" July 13th, 2014
75 7x05 "Lost Cause" July 20th, 2014
76 7x06 "Karma" July 27th, 2014
77 7x07 "May Be the Last Time" August 3rd, 2014
78 7x08 "Almost Home" August 10th, 2014
79 7x09 "Love Is to Die" August 17th, 2014
80 7x10 "Thank You" August 24th, 2014

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  • The tagline for this season is "True to the End".
  • This season comprises episodes 71-80 of the show.
  • Both season six and season seven of True Blood had ten episodes each, which is two less than the standard twelve-episode season from seasons 1-5.
  • The series finale is titled "Thank You". This was also the title of episode 6x03 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Both episodes present the apparent deaths of a main character (though the one from The Walking Dead was a fake-out).

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