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A vendor is a person or business entity that operates as part of a supply chain, delivering goods or services to an established business, corporate entity or government program. Vendors often serve as contractors licensed to one or more established markets.

On the comedy series 30 Rock, TV sketch show actress Jenna Maroney was spotted by a hot dog vendor, who was familiar with a humorous commercial he had done. With broken English, he attempted to paraphrase the slogan from the commercial, which was "Me want foods!"

In "The Beauty of Our Weapons" episode of Defiance, there was a woman named Augusta. Augusta was a human merchant who operated a stand at Lot 307 in Darby Square in Defiance. Conrad Von Bach approached her table upon arriving in Defiance and took note of all of the discounted merchandise. She told him that she wanted to dump as much of her wares as she could so she could leave Defiance as her family did before Rahm Tak's army comes marching through.

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