Verex III is a fictional planet featured in the Star Trek multimedia franchise. It relates to the television series Star Trek: Enterprise and appeared in episode 4x04, "Borderland".

Verex III was the third planet in the Verex Star System and was located on the borderland region between territories dominated by the Orion Syndicate and those dominated by the Klingon Empire. The Orions used Verex III as the center for a slave processing center and auction block.

During the 2130s and 40s, scientist Arik Soong was known to have journeyed to this region and made many deals with the Orions in exchange for parts, equipment and other resources that he required to continue his work in genetic engineering.

In the year 2154, Orion slavers based out of Verex III captured nine crew members from the Enterprise NX-01 and brought them to Verex III where they were to be sold at auction. This included crewman Jeffrey Pierce and Commander T'Pol. Captain Jonathan Archer beamed down to the planet to rescue his missing crew members. Doing so incited a riot within the auction house, but he succeeded in getting all of his people back aboard the Enterprise.

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