Christy Carlson Romano StatsEdit


Christy Michelle Romano, Christy Romano, Christy Carlson


Actor, Singer, Musician, Author, Voice Actor, Songwriter


5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)


German American | Italian American | Norwegians


United States of America

Date of BirthEdit

March 20, 1984

Place of BirthEdit


Net WorthEdit

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Christy Carlson Romano Film RolesEdit

  1. =====Cadet Kelly=====


  1. =====Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time=====

Kim Possible

  1. =====Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama=====

Kim Possible

  1. =====The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold=====

Jackie Dorsey

  1. =====The Even Stevens Movie=====

Renee "Ren" Stevens

  1. =====Movin' In=====

Ann Beck

  1. =====Kim Possible: The Secret Files=====

Kim Possible

  1. =====The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream=====

Jackie Dorsey

  1. =====Graduation=====

Christy Carlson Romano TV Starring RolesEdit

  1. =====Even Stevens=====

Renee "Ren" Stevens

  1. =====Kim Possible=====

Kim Possible

Christy Carlson Romano TV Guest RolesEdit

  1. =====The Book of Questions=====

Officious Hall Monitor

  1. =====I Take Thee Quagmire=====


  1. =====Where There's a Will, There's a Wave=====


  1. =====Night Moves=====


  1. =====Lilo and Stitch=====
  2. =====Rufus=====

Christy Carlson Romano AlbumsEdit

  1. =====Christy Carlson Romano=====

Christy Carlson Romano Political DonationsEdit

  • 2007
  • Chris Dodd$500Chris Dodd for President
  • Chris Dodd$300Chris Dodd for President
  • Total:$800

Christy Carlson ArticlesEdit

Greatest Disney TV & Film Hits is a cover album of Disney songs performed by Christy Carlson Romano. The album contains Romano's s...

Campus Confidential is a television comedy film starring Christy Carlson Romano and Keri Lynn Pratt, and directed by Melanie Mayro...

Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time is a 2003 American made-for-TV animated film about a crime-fighting high-school cheerleader named Ki...

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