"Welcome to Vissaria."
Elizabeth Collins
Incredible Hulk 4x12 002
Category: Town
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: California
Points of interest: Vissaria Public Library
Notable apperances: Incredible Hulk
1st appearance: "The First (Part 1)"

Vissaria is a fictional location featured in the 1977-1982 superhero/action series The Incredible Hulk. It appeared in the two-part episode, "The First". Vissaria was a small suburban community located in California.

History Edit

David Banner took a bus to Vissaria in 1981. He stopped at the Vissaria Public Library where he read a copy of the Vissaria Daily News, which contained an article about a man named Doctor Clive, who was under investigation for an incident relating to a green creature. In the janitor's story to David Banner, he said that the creature killed a farmer named Frank Townsend. After which, Clive mysteriously died a few days later. The janitor told David to talk to Elizabeth Collins, who was Clive's fiancé, who would often spend her afternoons reading poetry in the park.

Banner then visited the Vissaria Public Park, where he did in fact find Elizabeth Collins, exactly where the janitor said he would.

Points of interest Edit

Vissaria Public Library
The Vissaria Public Library was located in Vissaria. In addition to books, the library also carried local periodicals such as the Vissaria Daily News. David Banner visited the library and spoke with a janitor, who shed some light on an article that Banner was reading relating to the mysterious Clive house. The janitor old him about the mysterious scientist Doctor Clive who was somehow connected to stories of a murderous green creature.

Residents Edit

Notes Edit

The town, Vissaria, is likely named for Vasaria, which is the setting for a few of the Universal Pictures monster films including Ghost of Frankenstein and Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man.

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