"Alone" is the title to the thirteenth episode of season four of the survival horror series The Walking Dead and the forty-eighth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Ernest R. Dickerson and written by Curtis Gwinn based upon the Image Comics comic book series The Walking Dead by author Robert Kirkman. The episode aired on Sunday, March 9th, 2014 on AMC at 9:00 pm.

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  • This episode is rated TV-14.
  • "Alone" had a viewership of 12.652 people during its initial 9:00 pm airing. It had a viewership of 2.241 people on its second airing at 11:00 pm. [2]
  • Bob Stookey's full name is finally revealed in this episode.
  • The dog that set off Daryl's alarm outside the house lost it's eye in real life while saving his owner from a carjacking. [3]
  • The song that Beth Greene performs on the piano at the funeral home is called "Be Good". [4]
  • This is the second appearance of Joe. He appeared last in "Claimed".
  • The Tony that appears in this episode is not to be confused with the Tony that Rick Grimes shot at the bar in season two.

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  • When Maggie and Sasha are fighting walkers together, Maggie raises the sign post she is holding high above her head, ready to strike it down on a walker. The camera angle changes to Sasha for a moment, and when it changes back, Maggie is holding the sign post by her side. She then raises it up again and kills the walker. [5]
  • The Walker that approaches Maggie Greene at the Terminus sign post is obviously wearing stomach padding, insinuating that an abdominal injury will soon follow. This is the Walker that Maggie guts to use its blood to paint the message for Glenn.

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  • Daryl Dixon: Peanut butter and jelly, diet soda and pigs feet. That's a white trash lunch right there.
  • Beth Greene: It all looks good to me.




  • Sasha Williams: Bob, what the hell are we doing out here?
  • Bob Stookey: Why do you think Tyreese is dead?
  • Sasha Williams: What?
  • Bob Stookey: If Tyreese were alive, he'd go for Terminus. I know you know that. So why do you think he's dead? Or, are you just too afraid to find out if he is or not? Hmm, up until now I thought you were the toughest person I ever met. Which is kind of weird 'cause you were the sweetest, too. Just saying...

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