"This Sorrowful Life"
Series The Walking Dead
Season 3, Episode 15
Walking Dead 3x15 001
Airdate March 24th, 2013
Writer Scott M. Gimple
Director Greg Nicotero
Producer Robert Kirkman; David Alpert; Gale Anne Hurd; Glen Mazzara; Paul Gadd; Nichole Beattie; Sang Kyu Kim; Angela Kang; Scott M. Gimple; Denise Huth; Evan Reilly; Greg Nicotero; Tom Luse; Jolly Dale; Kenneth Requa
Starring Andrew Lincoln; Sarah Wayne Callies; Laurie Holden; Norman Reedus; Steven Yeun; Lauren Cohan; Chandler Riggs; Danai Gurira; Michael Rooker; David Morrissey
Previous "Prey"
Next "Welcome to the Tombs"

"This Sorrowful Life" is the fifteenth episode of season three of the survival horror series The Walking Dead and the thirty-fourth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Greg Nicotero and written by Scott M. Gimple. It first aired on the AMC network on Sunday, March 24th, 2013. In this episode, everyone tries to deal with the presence of Merle Dixon. Merle and Michonne take a trip back towards Woodbury. Merle has an unfortunate encounter with the Governor, which results in his death. Brother Daryl is faced with the traumatic burden of finishing him off.

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  • This episode had a viewership of 10.99 million people. [2][3]
  • This episode was filmed on-location in Senoia, Georgia, which is also where the entirety of Walking Dead/Season 2 was shot. The scene where Merle is hot-wiring a car was shot in Newnan, Georgia at the Oaks Inn. Another locale used in this episode is the Southern Country Steakhouse in Senoia. [5]

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  • This is the fifth and final appearance of Ben. He is accidentally shot by Merle Dixon and then later gnawed on by Walker Merle. He appeared last in "Prey".

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  • Rick Grimes: Do you even know why you do the things that you do? The choices you make? If we give The Governor Michonne, Woodbury stands down. I don't like it, but it needs to be done, and we need to make it quiet. We need your help with that.
  • Merle Dixon: You ain't told any of the others, huh?
  • Rick Grimes: Just Hershel, Daryl and you.
  • Merle Dixon: Hmm, the inner circle. I'm honored. You know, when you go out on runs you bash somebody's skull, slash somebody's skull, and you say "never waste the bullets." I always thought it was just an excuse. You go on, give him that girl, he ain't going to kill her you know. He's just going to do things to her. Probably going to take out one of her eyes, both of them most likely. You'd let that happen for a shot? You're cold as ice, Officer Friendly.


  • Michonne: No one's going to mourn you, not even Daryl, he's got a new family.
  • Merle Dixon: You keep trying to get under my skin and I'm going to cut than tongue out. Your buddy's turning you over because he's trying to save his own ass. You're as much on the outside as I am, girl.
  • Michonne: Maybe, but once The Governor is done with me at least I wont have to live with myself.


  • Daryl Dixon: Hey, is Merle around? Did he say he is sorry yet? 'Cause he is. He's going to make it right, I'm going to make him. There's gotta be a way. There just needs to be a little forgiveness is all.
  • Glenn Rhee: He tied me to a chair, beat me, and threw a walker in the room. Maybe I could call it even, but he took Maggie to a man that terrorized her, humiliated her. I care more about her than I care about me.


  • Rick Grimes: (Upon seeing the image of Lori on the catwalk). You're not there.


  • Merle Dixon: I don't know the reasons for the things that I do. Never did. I'm a damn mystery to me.


  • Michonne: That's a whole lot of maybes.
  • Merle Dixon: You got to play the hand you're dealt. Only got the one.



  • Merle Dixon: People do what they gotta do, or they die.
  • Daryl Dixon: You cant do things without people any more, man.
  • Merle Dixon: Maybe these people need somebody like me around, huh? Do their dirty work. A bad guy. Hell, maybe that's how it is now, huh? How's that hit ya.
  • Daryl Dixon: I just want my brother back.


  • Merle Dixon: You gotta play the hand you're dealt. I only got one.

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