Warren Patel
Arrow 1x03 009
Warren Patel
Continuity: Arrow
Gender: Male
Notability: Antagonist
Occupation: Businessman
Location: Starling City
Status: Alive
First: "Lone Gunmen"

Warren Patel is a fictional businessman and a minor character associated with the DC Television Universe. He was featured in the CW Network television series Arrow, and appeared in the third episode from season one, "Lone Gunmen". He was portrayed by an unknown actor.

Biography Edit

Warren Patel was a wealthy and murderously corrupt businessman who lived and operated out of Starling City. Patel had set his sights on purchasing Unidac Industries, and was out to eliminate all competition. To this end, he hired a former soldier-turned-assassin named Floyd Lawton to kill anyone who expressed a financial interest in Unidac, including James Holder and Walter Steele. Patel had Holden killed, and when the Starling City Police Department began investigating the murders, they believed that Patel himself might have been a target and took him into protective custody. [1]

Oliver Queen, also known by his vigilante alias, "The Hood", knew of Patel's shady practices as his name was but one of many included on a list supplied by Oliver's late father, Robert Queen. Oliver intercepted Patel as he was traveling in his helicopter and apprehended him. He left him tied up for the police where he was found by Officer Groves and Detective Lucas Hilton. [2]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Warren Patel is exclusive to the continuity of the DC Television Universe and does not have a counterpart in the mainstream DC Universe.
  • Warren Patel also appeared in the 2012 one-shot, Arrow Special Edition comic book, published by DC Comics.

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