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For the capital, see Washington, D.C..
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Category: U.S. State
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
Points of interest: Chance Harbor; Concrete; Seattle; Spokane; Tacoma
Notable apperances: 21 Jump Street; The 4400; Dark Angel; Dead Like Me; The Gates; Grey's Anatomy; iZombie; The Killing; Kyle XY; The Secret Circle; Twin Peaks

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Concrete is a town located in the U.S. state of Washington. It is in Skagit County in the Mount Vernon-Anacortes, Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area. A man named Wes Mondale throws a cursed coin into a wishing well at Lucky Chin's Chinese restaurant. As a result, people's wishes begin turning into reality. Wes hooks up with the girl of his dreams, a little boy gains superhuman strength in order to avenge himself against a group of bullies, a little girl brings her teddy bear to life, and Dean Winchester wishes up a delicious Italian hoagie with jalapenos. (Supernatural: Wishful Thinking)

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Sam and Dean Winchester traveled to Concrete, Washington to investigate a string of miraculous events in which people's wishes were actually coming true. They discovered that a cursed coin had been thrown into a wishing well at Lucky Chin's Chinese restaurant. Although everything seemed wonderful at first, the wishes began to turn sour and Sam and Dean had to find the man who threw the original coin into the wishing well and make him remove it in order to reverse the ill effects of the wishes. (Supernatural: Wishful Thinking)

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