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A werecoyote, or were-coyote, is a form of supernatural creature. It is a human being who possesses the ability to adopt the physical characteristics of a coyote, which may include transforming completely into a coyote themselves. It is a sub-classification of shape-shifter, similar to that of a werewolf.

Werecoyotes are but one of many types of shape-shifting races presented on the MTV television series Teen Wolf. They were introduced in season three of the show in the form of a Malia Tate. Malia's shape-shifter heritage stems from her biological parents; Peter Hale, who is an Alpha werewolf, and a mysterious female creature known as the "Desert Wolf".

Malia Hale has the ability to shift from human form into that of a fully grown, adult coyote. The only thing to distinguish her from regular coyotes is her glowing blue eyes. Unlike werewolves, she has no intermediate form. In addition to the preternatural instincts that come from being a coyote, as well as other animal traits, Malia is also superhumanly strong. She can lift a fallen tree with one hand, exerting only minimal effort to do so.

Characters Edit

Character Series
Desert Wolf Teen Wolf
Edgar Teen Wolf
Malia Tate Teen Wolf

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