Brian  Kurtz

The Most Powerful and Culturelized Wiki Editor to Cyber World With 10 Or More Wikias and King of Cyber World

Selected Cyberography and Wikigraphy


His Most Icoin Are

    • Dark Horse Wiki
    • Dark Shadows Wiki
    • <u>DC Database With Justin Bunnell</u>
    • Headhunter's Holosuite Wiki With Justin Bunnell
    • Headhunter's Horror House Wiki With Justin Bunnell
    • DC Database
    • Horror Film Wiki
    • Marvel Database Project
    • Memory Alpha
    • the Planet of the Apes Wiki
    • <u>TV Database Wiki With Justin Bunnell</u>
    • Wikipedia
    • Wookiepedia aka Star Wars Wiki
    • His Most Legendary Tv Database Didn't Start it Until 2012 I Joined in 2013 under a Different Wiki Name But Came Back May June Or July of This Year and Redesigned myself with the Wikia Name Everybody Knows
    • If You Fans Of Wikias and Check Stuff Then You've Heard of of the Legend Himself With That Many and Expert at What He Does He Became My Favorite Wikia Idol People Think or Thought He Taught Everything I Know Not Really I Already Know the Basic Liking Category Wording,Typing Copying Editing and Pasting If You Already that Stuff You're Good You Don't To Known the Hard Stuff to Be a Good Editor and Because he Knowns the Hard Stuff Too is Why He's Better than Me Yes I'm More Artistic and Creative Not Against Him

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