Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell
Series: True Blood
Gender: Female
Notability: Supporting character
Occupation: Waitress
Race: Vampire
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Relatives: Truman Burrell [1]
Eric Northman [2]
Status: Undead
Died: 2010 [3]
First: "The Sun"
Actor: Amelia Rose Blaire

Willa Burrell is a fictional vampire and a supporting character on the HBO supernatural horror series True Blood. Played by actress Amelia Rose Blaire, she was introduced in the second episode of season six, "The Sun". She was credited in nineteen episodes of the series, but actually only appeared in sixteen episodes. She appeared in nine episodes from season six and seven episodes from season seven, including the series finale.

Overview Edit

Willa Burrell was the teenage daughter of Louisiana governor, Truman Burrell. A headstrong and opinionated young woman, she often voiced her opposition to her father's civil rights views concerning vampires. She was eventually made a vampire herself by Eric Northman - the first progeny he had created since Pam De Beaufort over a century earlier. Despite her relationship to the Governor, Willa was one of dozens of vampires rounded up and taken to a special concentration camp. However, she was segregated from the others, presumably for her own protection.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Willa Burrell is exclusive to the continuity of the True Blood television series and does not have a counterpart in the "Southern Vampire Mysteries" book series.
  • Temporarily became a Daywalker after drinking the blood of Bill Compton.
  • Willa Burrell had a natural talent for glamouring humans.
  • Willa Burrell's victims include a Camp Burrell doctor and several of the Hep-V vampires.

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References Edit

  1. Human father; deceased.
  2. Vampire maker.
  3. Human death; still active as a vampire.