Winn Schott
Supergirl 1x10 002
Winn Schott
Aliases: Winslow Schott, Jr.
Series: Supergirl
Gender: Male
Notability: Main character
Occupation: Computer hacker
Location: National City
Relatives: Winslow Schott, Sr. [1]
Status: Alive
First: "Pilot"
Actor: Jeremy Jordan

Winn Schott is a fictional technician and one of the main characters on the CBS television series Supergirl. He is played by actor Jeremy Jordan and was introduced in the pilot episode of the series.

Overview Edit

Winn Schott is a young computer programmer who works for CatCo Worldwide Media in National City. He is a close friend of Kara Danvers, and is one of the few people who knows that Kara is also the costumed superhero known as Supergirl. Nursing an unrequited love for Kara, Winn is committed towards aiding her in all things. He converted an unused room in the CatCo office into a private computer server area and base of operations where Supergirl can monitor events taking place in National City. Winn's rival for Kara's affections is James Olsen, whom Kara is smitten with, but is otherwise involved with Lucy Lane.

Abilities Edit

  • Computer operation
  • Computer hacking

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Winn Schott's name is taken from Winslow Schott, who is a DC Comics super-villain who calls himself the Toyman. In all other regards however, the two are completely different characters. Later episodes reveal that it is actually Winn's father, Winslow Schott, Sr., who is the Toyman.
  • Was originally an obsessive fan of Maxwell Lord, but Lord fell out of favor with Winn when he learned what a selfish jerk the guy really was.

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  1. Also known as the Toyman; Father, alive.